• Polycrystalline solar module 75-85W 18V

    ø High quality solar cells are seleted for advanced packaging
    ø Adopt high transmitance toughened glass, EVA and anti-UV backplane material
    ø A component,multi-station perfomance test to ensure product performance
    ø Component frame adopt aluminum alloy anodizing,is used to improve the ani-comosion ability, to ensure that the components can adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environments
    ø moncryetaline silcon & polyaystaline silcon as opions
    ø The component technology is guaranteed for 5 years, the output power of the component is no less than 90% in 10 years, no less than 80% in 20 years.

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  • NPP ViewStar AU Series PWM Solar Charge Controller with USB output 

    The VS-AU controller is a common positive PWM charge controller with built in LCD display and USB port. The multiple load control modes enable it can be widely used on solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.

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  • NPP Cost-Efficient LandStar E/EU Series PWM Solar Charge Controlle

    The LandStar E/EU series controller is a PWM charge controller that adopts the most advanced digital technique. It’s an easy operation and cost efficient controller.

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